Lovitt Farms S Smooth x Hollands Haven Coffee and Cream

twin does born 5/2/20 sold

IMG_3453 (2)IMG_3405 (2)IMG_3532 (2)

SM Coffee M5 doeIMG_3553 (2)IMG_3792 (2)IMG_3757 (2)

IMG_3728 (2)

SM Black Coffee M6 doeIMG_3548 (2)IMG_3740 (2)

IMG_3737 (2)IMG_3767 (2)

IMG_3730 (2)

*****************************************************************************************Donaghy x Buttermillk SOLD

L4   WARLORD brown eyes, black with white  and moon spots 2019 buckIMG_2627 (2)IMG_1785 (3)IMG_2852IMG_3236 (2)IMG_3662 (3)IMG_3629 (2)IMG_3676 (2)


DEMI       Softwine Demitasse  SOLD

IMG_1913 (3)IMG_3938 (2)IMG_1898 (2)IMG_2576

AGS Flat Rocks Gem’s Legacy  x  Softwine Violet (AGS Doubletree Zaint Tomas x AGS Wooly Dog Down XS & OS) Born 5/19/2013 Exposed to Smooth. Demi has a nice udder to hand milk and nice to look at. Plumb teats, high and tight.  Hopefully her lovely kids with their wide rears will have the production I am looking for in addition to beautiful udders. Raises triplets with no problem. EXPOSED TO SMOOTH. Due 3/31/2020 Twins-buckling and doe born 4/2/2020.




IMG_2696 (2)IMG_2585 (2)IMG_2572IMG_3203 (2)

sire : Flat Rock’s Sedona (Flat Rock’s Ohcaptainmycaptain x AGS  Flat Rocks Kyanite)

dam: Dill’s OH Shotgun Rider (Dill’s XM Old Hank x SG Dill’s BF Free)


Coffee  n Cream -Dragonfly AV Mithral x Donaghy doe kid dob 6/5/18 SOLD

Bred by Smooth. due  4/30/2020, freshened 5/2/20 with twin does.

IMG_1436 (2) IMG_1432 (2)IMG_2844

IMG_2204 (3)As a yearling.IMG_3556 (2)


Moon Doggy x Fudge

twin does born  3/29/20

IMG_3351 (2)

IMG_3384 (2)   Fudge Sundae doe  M1 SOLD

IMG_3323 (2)IMG_3436 (2)  IMG_3395 (2)IMG_3367 (2)Caramel Sundae doe M2 SOLD


Smooth x Demi

buckling and doe  born 4/2/20

IMG_3354 (2)IMG_3339

IMG_3330 (2)     M4 buckling SOLD

IMG_3326 (2) IMG_3441 (2) IMG_3489 (2)Smooth Demi M3 doe kid (moonspots)  SOLD


Rouge -Donaghy x Joyful Hearts KR Sing For Joy (Fern)   doe kid  dob 6/16/18  She and her sister  are practically identical.  I recently realized that all my adult pictures are of her sister. Rouge  is a little higher in the withers but seems a bit wider in the rear.  IMG_1422 IMG_1427IMG_2839

EXPOSED TO BLUES MAN 4/29/2020 Gorgeous twin does. SOLD


FUDGE- Hollands Haven Belle x Donaghy   doe kid dob 4/19/18  SOLD

IMG_1489 IMG_1484 (2) IMG_1488


As a yearling.IMG_2187 (3) Bred by  Moon Doggy, black and white moonspotted buck . due  3/29/2020 Freshened with gorgeous twin does.


Mithral x Dent    6/7/2019      buckling and doe twins

SOLD L11  LADDIE brown eyes, dark buckskin buckling SOLD IMG_2599 (2)

IMG_2680 (3)IMG_2864IMG_3244 (2)

SOLD L12    LASSIE  brown eyes, roaned buckskin doe with white.  SOLD.IMG_2016 (2)IMG_3135 (2)IMG_3145 (2)IMG_3114IMG_2863


Fern x Dent     5/19/2019       buckling and doe twins

SOLD L9   GOLDEN GIRL brown eyes, gold doe I did not catch that her disbudding didn’t work  properly so she has a small horn/scur.   SOLD.  IMG_2039 (2)IMG_2396 (3)IMG_2856IMG_3167 (2)


SOLD L10   GOLDEN BOY brown eyes, gold buckling with white poll, and few spots SOLDIMG_1925 (2)IMG_2455 (2)IMG_2620 (2)921 (2)IMG_2771 (2)IMG_2814 (2)IMG_2859


Buttermilk x Donaghy    5/15/2019

SOLD L3  WARRIOR  brown eyes, chocolate bucklingSOLD IMG_1776 (4)IMG_2599 (4)IMG_2854


Demi x Dent   5/14/2019    twin bucklings

SOLD L1   BLUES MAN  blue eyes, black and white buckling  HAS BRED TWO DOES-kids on the way  SOLD IMG_2682 (3)IMG_2609 (2)IMG_2868


SOLD L2   MOON DOGGY brown eyes, black and white buckling , moon spots Has kids on the way IMG_2606 (2)IMG_2675 (2)IMG_2866IMG_3059 (2)



Softwine Demitasse  x Donaghy buck kid dob 6/20/18

IMG_1370 (2) IMG_1368 (2) IMG_1359 (2)

Currently as a yearling.IMG_2832.IMG_2580 (4)IMG_2578 (2)IMG_2689 (2)IMG_3206 (2)




FERN- Joyful Hearts KR Sing For Joy SOLD

IMG_5542IMG_2543 (2)IMG_2216IMG_1894 (2)IMG_2569

Algedi Farm CK Kinetic Riptide x Alethia DJ Rejoice.  Born 1/6/2015  Exposed to Smooth. She produces very  laidback sweet tempered kids. Raised triplets easily.  SOLD EXPOSED TO SMOOTH. due 4/09/2020


BUTTERMILK – Hollands Haven Buttermilk

IMG_2184 (2)IMG_2238 (2)IMG_2240 (2)

IMG_1900 (2)


IMG_2964 (3)IMG_2959 (3)IMG_1564 (2)

Hollands Haven Buttermilk – Mithral daughter x  Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn (Old Mountain Farm Inlikequinn x Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko) Born April 3,2017 She has more medial than it looks. She has nice orifices and a butter soft udder  so she is reasonable to hand milk but she is going to be a good producer and her teats are on the small side for hand milking if you have a lot of goats. I am keeping a daughter sired by Donaghy in hopes that her teats will be longer. Plenty  of milk for her ff triplets.  – EXPOSED TO CAPPUCCINO. due 4/22/2020 SOLD


SOLD L5  VIRAGO same pedigree IMG_2852

brown eyes, light buckskin doeIMG_2244 (2)IMG_3143 (2)******************************************************************************************

COCOA- Dragonfly AV Mithral x Donaghy doe kid dob 6/5/18  Had a rough start, inhaling fluids but is doing well.  Still pretty small though.  Ok so she is a favorite. She is growing fine and would do well for someone. I may keep her. Not sure which Mithral girl to keep. All three were stunning. bred by Smooth. due 5/23/2020 SOLD

IMG_1445 IMG_1449IMG_2212 (2)IMG_2842



ESPRESSO-Softwine Demitasse  x Donaghy doe kid dob 6/20/18 SOLD

IMG_1398 (2)IMG_1400 (3)IMG_2872

IMG_2156 (2)IMG_2155 (2)As a yearling.  Bred by Smooth.

due 5/10/2020


Hershey -Joyful Hearts KR Sing For Joy (Fern)  x Donaghy doe kid dob 6/16/18   SOLD EXPOSED TO BLUES MAN due 4/2/2020IMG_1411 (2)IMG_2870IMG_1408 (2)

IMG_2202 (2)



Dragonfly AV Mithral x Donaghy doe kid  dob 6/5/18 SOLD

IMG_1464 (2) IMG_1460 (2)


MITHRAL –   Dragonfly  AV Mithral  SOLD

IMG_5632IMG_2228 (3)IMG_2226IMG_2542 (2)IMG_2570

TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar x AGS Flatrocks Galena  Born 7/7/2013  Her dam Galena up at Dragonfly Farm is now retired. Mithral and her kids are always the ones that catch your eye in the pasture. There is something lovely about them.  Mithral has  struggled with an uneven udder due to her  daughter Buttermillk nursing after her brother left. And apparently Buttermillk is still allowed to nurse! So those two need to be separated as much as they love each other. Raised triplets with no problem. SOLD- EXPOSED TO HOLLANDS HAVEN CAPPUCCINO due 5/8/2020 SOLD


PIXIE- Hollands Haven Pixie

IMG_2163 (2)IMG_2225 (2)IMG_2220

-Demi  daughter x Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn ( OldMountain Farm Inlikequinn x Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko) Born April 7,2017  Exposed to Smooth. This girl has an awesome udder. I am very pleased with her but she sheds like a cat and I hand milk so I am willing to let her go and keep a daughter or two. Had triplets (one deceased but had sufficient milk for them as a ff).


Pixie x Donaghy    5/15/2019    2 does,  1 buckling triplet


L6   AERWYNA brown eyes, black doe  IMG_1903 (3)IMG_3167 (3)

L7    AILSA  brown eyes, black with white spots doeIMG_2037 (2)IMG_3165 (2)IMG_3164 (2)IMG_3106 (2)IMG_3141 (2)



Hollands Haven Belle x Donaghy  (Brownie) doe kid  dob 4/19/18 SOLD unfortunately she got meningeal worm last fall and has made no real progress so she is being placed into a good pet home.

IMG_1480 (2)IMG_1471 (2)IMG_1477 (2)


Copper –  Castle Rock Copper Penny *B

IMG_4951IMG_5293Born 3/7/14

CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon +B  x SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise


Shazam! – Castle Rock Shazam!

IMG_4395Born 2/12/2014

Castle Rock Cleveland Sage *B  x GCH CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire 1*M


Toru – Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn

IMG_4509Born 3/23/2014

Old Mountain Farm Inlikequinn x Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko


Donaghy – Stonebroke Farm ND Donaghy

IMG_5695IMG_4406born 4/21/2015

FeignUdder062315 (1)FeignRearUdderFeignFore062315

I purchased him for udder and production.  He sired 11 kids out of 4 does in 2018.  8 does, 3 bucklings.

Old Mountain Farm Stingn Ned L  ( Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos x OMF Browni’Dsuzn) x Sugar Moon Feign (SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby x SG Sugar Moon Imi-Tatum 2*)DIMG_1569




IMG_1687 (2)IMG_5720 (2)IMG_2272 (2) Born 6/14/2013. his dam AGS Kaapio Acre’s KK Syrah (AGS Rosasharn Tom’s Keiki Kane x AGS Gay-Mor’s RA Nesselrode). His sire is AGS Fairlea Jean -Christophe (AGS Caesar’s Villa Rebel Yell x AGS Fairlea Fleur). Paternal dam . Paternal sire . All these goats are very well known to experienced goat people. He is old lines that are not easily found anymore. He seems to have good parasite resistance and is well within height standards.If you check the Castle Rock website, GCH/ARMCH Algedi Farm S Honey Heart 1*M 5*D is sired by Syrah’s full brother Sultan. Syrah has a champion daughter with a milk star and others with great scores. Check out Little Tot’s Estate link for  one daughter




His dam Syrahsry1Syrahudder

Son out of Demi sired by DentIMG_1592





IMG_5548 (2)

IMG_5524 (2)IMG_3933 (2)IMG_5523 (2)IMG_5673 (2)Born 5/24/2013

Pecan Hollow Kiss My Grits (AGS Pecan Hollow BAW Santa Fe *B  x  Ch. AGS Dill Pickle LB Constantine) x SGCH Tiny Town Blue Bayou  2*M LA EEEV 90 ( AGS Green Gate X File x SG AGS Ground Rush Rhapsodie En Bleu)   Bailey is an excellent mother. She has a nice soft udder, I just wish her teats were longer as her udder gets so full it makes  hand milking more difficult.  Lovely orifices though. She is nice and deep as the pictures show. Bailey is pleasant and gets along with most everyone.  Tiny Town page with pictures and information about Bailey’s dam and daughters of her sire.–nigerian-dwarf.html


Belle- Castle Rock Copper Penny x Tiny Town Delight (Bailey)

IMG_5522 (2)IMG_5436 (2)IMG_4206IMG_4242 (2)IMG_1221IMG_1240 (2)IMG_1239 (2)Born May 7,2016.

Freshened 4/19/18 twin does by Donaghy.

Belle is averaging 3 pounds plus as a first freshener. She is maturing very nicely, with a lovely udder.


Ducky- Wooly Dog Down Darlin’ Ducky

IMG_5622Born 3/5/2013

AGS Flat Rocks Gem’s Legacy ( AGS Flat Rocks Gem x AGS Five Alarm Grace) x Ol’Country Wooly Dog’s Ziva  (MI Sugarcreek VL Tunes Walkman x AGS Wooly Dog Down Sweet Vidalia)  Ducky is a very deep bodied doe with a terrific wide rear and flat topline. She needs improvement on her udder attachments and division. Shazam! provided that in her yearling doe Lacey.  Pictures  below of Lacey.  She is on the shy side, taking a while to warm up. She is easy to hand milk with nice teats with good orifices.  Ducky is an excellent mother and this year she fostered a doe kid for me after grumbling a bit the first couple days.  Extra bonuses, she has produced lots of various colors and has wattles which she often reproduces.


DIDO BELLE -Dragonfly SOL Dido Belle

IMG_5304 (2)IMG_5300 (2)Born 6/18/15

Algedi  Farm MH Solaris  x Dragonfly B Dido

Dragonfly  Sol Dido Belle (Algedi  Farm MH Solaris  x Dragonfly B Dido) x Copper (CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon +B  x SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise)

IMG_5802Born April 19, 2017

Dragonfly Sol Dido Belle (Algedi  Farm MH Solaris  x Dragonfly B Dido) x Copper (CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon +B  x SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise)

IMG_5680IMG_5769Born April 19,2017


SYLVIE –     AGS Dawnland PPS Silver Screen

IMG_4168 (3)IMG_5178 (2)IMG_4880 (2)IMG_3651 (1)IMG_5399IMG_5561 (2)Born 6/25/2013

AGS Painted Pepper RJ Soleil *B (Rosasharn SP Jupiter +*B)  x  AGS Dawnland’s Curry Vocalize (AGC Rosasharn TL Curry *B x AGS TX Twincreeks Butterfly Dance)

Sylvie has had twin, triplets, triplets.  Good producer with strong longevity and persistence even when I was trying to dry her off. She was able to come back strong last year after going to once a day milking.  Nice length teats, average orifices. The last picture is her daughter from this year. Super friendly! She should be on milk test. Her kids are sold.

Sylvie daughter – Stonebroke Farm ND Donaghy x Dawnland PPS Silver Screen

IMG_5705IMG_5561 (2)IMG_5807Born Sept. 15,201

She has length plus width. Gorgeous little doe. Her dam is a good (3-4) producer with longevity.  Dam’s teats are nice size. Her sire’s dam has production and great teats for hand milking.


Shimmer – Old Mountain Farm Toru x Hollands Haven Essie

IMG_5263 (2)IMG_5609Born August 31.2017.

Polled. Shimmer’s dam is a Dawnland doe  and sired by a Castle Rock buck, Shazam! Again, good milk production expected.


Pearl – EOTL String of Pearls

IMG_5662Born 2/9/2015

Phoenix Farm Knight Rider *B  x Dreahook AF Celine

Pearl is pleasant and unassuming. Easy to milk with her nice length teats and good orifices. Has been an excellent mother with two sets of twins.  She is friendly.


Lily – Hollands Haven Lily

IMG_5190Born 4/15/16

Castle Rock Copper Penny *B x Softwine Demitasse  Her kids are sold.

Glimmer – Old Mountain Farm Toru x Hollands Haven Lily

IMG_5706 IMG_5258 (2)

Lily daughter- Old Mountain Farm Toru  x Hollands Haven Lily

born August 24,2017


Rose – Hollands Haven Rose

IMG_5521 (2)Born 4/15/2016

Castle Rock Copper Penny x Softwine Demitasse


Essie- Hollands Haven Essie

IMG_5603 (2)IMG_5191Born 1/8/2016 bred

Castle Rock Shazam! *S ( Castle Rock Cleveland Sage *S x CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire *D)  x AGS Dawnland PPS Silver Screen (Sylvie above) ( Painted Pepper RJ Soleil x Dawnland Curry’s Vocalize)

Due to my situation I only milked Essie a few times. She was easy to milk and with her pedigree she should be both a good producer and elegant doe. A good mother, she freshened with gorgeous twins. She did have a bit of confusion at first as she went into labor a few days early while still in the herd, went into a shed with her dam Sylvie and Sylvie showed her the ropes.  Sylvie was not anxious to give up her role of midwife but I separated them and Essie came through with flying colors. Her kids are sold.


Lacey- Hollands Haven Lacey

IMG_5656IMG_5656 (2)IMG_5570IMG_5321 (2)IMG_5410IMG_5571IMG_5753Born 5/24/16

Castle Rock Shazam! *S ( Castle Rock Cleveland Sage *S x CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire *D) x  SWooly Dog Down Darlin’ Ducky (AGS Flat Rocks Gem’s Legacy x Ol Country Wooly Dog’s Ziva)

Lacey is a stunning black color and has wattles. I am very excited about how elegant she is yet deep. She has a nice ff udder. Lacey is very shy so we are taking our time with her on the milkstand but I think she should be great for hand milking. Her twins this year at her first freshening are both a beautiful deep chocolate brown. Both are pictured.

Lacey daughter- Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn x Hollands Haven Lacey

IMG_5400Born Sept. 17,2017IMG_5573



Hazel -Stonebroke Farm ND Donaghy x Hollands Haven Fawn(Castle Rock Copper Penny*B x Dawnland)

IMG_5437 (2)Born April 27,2017

Her paternal granddam has long teats that Hazel shows promise of. Her dam’s udder is soft and easy to milk. Her maternal granddam is Castle Rock Penny Wise and her paternal side is Sugar Moon breeding. Hazel is a bit narrow so I would rather she went to a pet home unless you are an experienced breeder.