SENIOR DOES (have had kids)

All of these does have nice high rear udders. I just can’t seem to capture it in my photos. Apparently other people struggle with it also. I have some really pretty goats if I do say so myself. But I can’t keep them all. I am too limited physically with my health issues and it is virtually impossible to hire help for mucking no matter what you are willing to pay.  Until my grandkids get older it doesn’t look hopeful.




DEMI       Softwine Demitasse

IMG_1913 (3)IMG_3938 (2)IMG_1898 (2)IMG_2576

AGS Flat Rocks Gem’s Legacy  x  Softwine Violet (AGS Doubletree Zaint Tomas x AGS Wooly Dog Down XS & OS) Born 5/19/2013 Exposed to Smooth. Demi has a nice udder to hand milk and nice to look at. Plumb teats, high and tight.  Hopefully her lovely kids with their wide rears will have the production I am looking for in addition to beautiful udders. Raises triplets with no problem. FOR SALE EXPOSED TO SMOOTH. Due 3/31/2020


FERN- Joyful Hearts KR Sing For Joy FOR SALE

IMG_5542IMG_2543 (2)IMG_2216IMG_1894 (2)IMG_2569

Algedi Farm CK Kinetic Riptide x Alethia DJ Rejoice.  Born 1/6/2015  Exposed to Smooth. She produces very  laidback sweet tempered kids. Raised triplets easily. FOR SALE EXPOSED TO SMOOTH. due 4/09/2020