September 2020. All the goats are sold. Thank you to all of you who bought a goat. I hope that he or she is a help to your program or a wonderful pet or hopefully both. I am thankful that God provided homes.  I miss them all but the timing was perfect as my health took a nosedive right after the last goats were sold.  At that point it was nice to not have to worry about their care.

Have fun! If my health ever permits, I will start again on a small scale. In the meantime I will try to keep the reference page available for those of you that have my goats.


Please check the For Sale page for who is available.

I am in the midst of selling everyone. Praying for the right home for each of these animals. Feel free to ask about anyone without a sale pending notation and I will see if you are a good fit.

June and a time of beauty and a time of chaos and sadness.  No wonder the Bible says to focus on what is good and beautiful. Otherwise life would be overwhelming.  Changes still must be made but let us appreciate the good in this world.

Late March 2020, How quickly life can change. At the moment I have some very nice bucks available.  The four bred does will stay here for now to have their kids. After kidding and weaning there will be kids for sale and depending on the world situation, does in milk.  Remember, our only true safety lies in Christ.  Be safe!

March 2020 ! Time goes quickly! Thank you to all who bought my goats. I have met some lovely people and it is so nice to feel comfortable when saying goodbye to a goat because as much as you will miss him or her, you can tell that the new owner is really excited and will take good care of their new friend. I have a number of very nice goats still  here and I will keep working on accepting that they must be sold. It is rough but best for everyone unless my health improves  and I can find serious laborers for mucking and chores that I just will never be able to do again. Spring is coming! You can feel it in the air, even in western NY!

January . I need to cut back to no goats or only a couple due to my health and lack of help. Please ask about any goat you are interested in.

December.  Please ask if you are interested in a particular buck or doe.  These are painful cuts but they must be made.

November already! Many of the does have been exposed to bucks. I anticipate the rest will be in the coming month or months.  Some of the “new” bucks from 2019 have had a chance to breed a doe and they all seem to get the idea immediately.  There are going to be quite a variety of combinations.  If you want to start a herd or add to your herd this is a good opportunity as I can’t keep them all even though my mind justifies all of them.

It’s October 2019 and the weather has been absolutely beautiful! Time for some severe cuts again as I was diagnosed with PMR and I cannot get the help I need for mucking stalls. One of my daughters has been helping me out as she is able but I can see I have to cut way, way back. It is difficult because one gets so attached to the goats. If there is a goat that you are interested in let me know. I am not giving them away though. These goats have come from herds from all over the country and I am very proud of them. If my health was better I would seriously consider linear appraisal as I think that they would do well.  We are improving our milk production too.  Let me know your interests and I will try to direct you to the goats I think would suit you best. I think that there are some nice goats here with good potential for LA, showing and DHIA testing.


Welcome to Hollands Haven! It is the summer of 2019 and it is just flying by! I have had lots of fun with the new kids and my grandchildren this year already but I need to start selling. I just can’t keep as many as I would like. So again I am making hard cuts.  I will start labeling goats for sale so please check out the website to see if anyone might be perfect for you. I would like to get down to fewer than 10 goats so that means I am going to let go of some really nice ones. Actually I have never had a complaint about my goats that I have sold. They come from good bloodlines and they just are nice goats. I try to match my goats with the person buying so that everyone is happy.



Update  December 2018  .  We have gotten blood testing done on all the adults and  everyone was negative for CAE, Cl and Johnes. I have always been careful about biosecurity and have had no problems with sold goats testing anything other than negative.  I will post the results to the website as soon as I can figure out how to do it. Windows 10 is making things difficult that I could do with Windows 7.  Right now the goats and I are coasting. It won’t last forever but I am going to enjoy every minute with them.  I have some lovely kids (does and bucklings) from 2018 available and now that the older does are all bred, the two adult bucks are available.

Due to the perfect storm of life circumstances I sadly must sell everyone. I hope someday to get more goats but wisdom dictates finding great situations for everyone right now.  UPDATE: When I wrote those lines I thought I would have to sell everyone but I have had a bit of a reprieve. It seemed a good idea to keep a few core goats until the bitter end so I did.  I would like to thank all the wonderful people who purchased my goats.  Goats were leaving left and right until the stormy weather and life shut things down. It was hard to get back to selling (it takes time to take pictures, put up ads,get goats ready,raise bottle babies the hard way) but I have started again. Don’t hesitate to ask about a goat,if she/he is not for sale yet, I will put you on the list.  I am still not sure what the future brings and if I am selling out completely or not but I know that at this point I need to keep it to just a few goats.