Welcome to Hollands Haven! Update  December 2018  .  We have gotten blood testing done on all the adults and  everyone was negative for CAE, Cl and Johnes. I have always been careful about biosecurity and have had no problems with sold goats testing anything other than negative.  I will post the results to the website as soon as I can figure out how to do it. Windows 10 is making things difficult that I could do with Windows 7.  Right now the goats and I are coasting. It won’t last forever but I am going to enjoy every minute with them.  I have some lovely kids (does and bucklings) from 2018 available and now that the older does are all bred, the two adult bucks are available.

Due to the perfect storm of life circumstances I sadly must sell everyone. I hope someday to get more goats but wisdom dictates finding great situations for everyone right now.  UPDATE: When I wrote those lines I thought I would have to sell everyone but I have had a bit of a reprieve. It seemed a good idea to keep a few core goats until the bitter end so I did.  I would like to thank all the wonderful people who purchased my goats.  Goats were leaving left and right until the stormy weather and life shut things down. It was hard to get back to selling (it takes time to take pictures, put up ads,get goats ready,raise bottle babies the hard way) but I have started again. Don’t hesitate to ask about a goat,if she/he is not for sale yet, I will put you on the list.  I am still not sure what the future brings and if I am selling out completely or not but I know that at this point I need to keep it to just a few goats.